Ring Gone 'Round the Roses

Ring Gone 'Round the Roses is a short story in Mystery Follows Her. Come meet Madis Harrah!


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Mischief Over Mums

All Madis Harrah wants is to finish her first season of landscaping without any more drama. No more persnickety customers, no more hassle of organizing invoices, and no more equipment hiccups. It’s almost fall, so it should be easy to wrap up her debut year of business without a headache, right?

Wrong. As a finale, she begins work on a large estate just outside the small town of Payton. The owner is a former classmate, and while it’s great reuniting with a familiar face, it’s not so nice to discover the property vandalized. This isn’t a one-time incident, either, and when Madis’s project is destroyed, it seems the end of the season will only be soiled with mischief.

Can she help identify the vandal before she loses the job?


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