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Mischief Over Mums

All Madis Harrah wants is to finish her first season of landscaping without any more drama. No more persnickety customers, no more hassle of organizing invoices, and no more equipment hiccups. It’s almost fall, so it should be easy to wrap up her debut year of business without a headache, right?

Wrong. As a finale, she begins work on a large estate just outside the small town of Payton. The owner is a former classmate, and while it’s great reuniting with a familiar face, it’s not so nice to discover the property vandalized. This isn’t a one-time incident, either, and when Madis’s project is destroyed, it seems the end of the season will only be soiled with mischief.

Can she help identify the vandal before she loses the job?


BK2 Mischief Over Mums E-Book Cover.jpg
BK3 Tumultuous Time to Tulips E-Book Cov
Tumultuous Time to Tulips

Spring is just around the corner, and Madis is back with more business than she might be able to handle. But she’s hired a couple of new faces to add to her small crew, and it seems like it’ll be a productive start to the season of landscaping. Properly staffed and rested after the winter break, it should be all systems go.

Not quite. Before her employees can really get busy, Madis encounters a dead man lying in a bed of ivy and tulip sprouts. Her entire crew is questioned since they’ve visited the scene, but they’re not the only ones under suspicion. The victim had enemies aplenty, from an angry former lover, a nosy neighbor, and a competitive rival.

While there’s no such thing as bad publicity, finding a corpse at a jobsite isn’t ideal. Can she figure out who the killer is before things get muddier?


Protection by Petunias

Rosie Tanner’s retiring, and she wants to gift herself a masterpiece of petunias. Madis is more than willing to take on the task, hoping this elaborate display of annuals will win her a regional gardening contest. Only, on the first day of the big project, someone attempts to murder the sweet librarian in her very own backyard.

While the petunias are being planted, Madis vows to keep an eye on Rosie, but it’s not so easy when no one can guess who the perpetrator is. Rosie begs her to find a confidential note that flew out of her hands when she was ambushed, and the threat Madis finds in the garden offers many questions and few answers.

Is someone out to sabotage Rosie’s last project of her career? Will someone stoop to murder to get her job? Or will another peril bloom as secrets are exposed…


BK4 Protection by Petunias E-Book Cover.
BK5 Hold Up Hydrangeas E-Book Cover.jpg
Hold Up Hydrangeas

In the thick of the summer humidity, Madis is due to start a new project for a rental property at the end of Main Street. After the foundation repairs are complete on the building a grumpy author and whining crafter live in, Madis’s crew prepare to plant hydrangeas for some screening and privacy. They don’t get far, held up by the discovery of a dead body buried in the plot.

While she wasn’t well-liked because of her personality and affinity for causing trouble, Sandy Angelan was the town’s favorite—if only—maid for hire. With her murder, bitter arguments are recalled, memories from high school years are revisited, and accusations fly from one neighbor to another.

When another corpse is tucked in the very same garden bed a week later, Madis has to wonder if these hydrangeas will ever get planted.


Danger Before Dahlias

Payton’s battle of the bands should mark the end-of-summer celebration and the engagement of her best friends, but finding a dead body in the town square ruins those plans. Madis has the misfortune of finding the councilman’s dead body beside her landscaping truck, but she’s much more unsettled by the fact someone used her shovel to murder him.

Randy Gowen leaves a life with more twists and surprises than anyone can expect, but it’s anyone’s guess who could have clocked him in the head with a gardening tool. Ex-wives unhappy about how he spent his money? Rivals competing in the local election? Angry business owners who disliked his decisions on the council?

After the only witness to the crime faces similar danger—and death—Madis worries that time is running out to find the killer, especially when a grand gesture of a proposal can’t be delayed again.


BK6 Danger Before Dahlias E-Book Cover.j
2 The Madis Harrah Mysteries Box Set E-Book Cover.jpg
Madis Harrah Mysteries Box Set

Get the complete series in one spot!


Peril at the Party

Once grand and gorgeous, the castle-like Baycourt Hall is now on the brink of closing. If business stays steady for the party venue, newly hired event manager Anna Glenn might be able to help the owners—handsome handyman Sean and his bubbly grandma Ruby—save it from failure.

A wedding reception starts on a rocky note, but when the party wraps up, it turns downright deadly. Before the guests can depart, Anna discovers Father Asher stabbed in the foyer. Baycourt isn’t only crumbling, it’s a hotbed of peril.

Asher won’t be missed, not with his habit of stealing church funds. But with the fresh scandal of his death, the townsfolk recall previous trouble Baycourt has weathered—typical drama that comes with idiots gathering. Despite the current unsolved murder, Anna and her aunt Pru are focused on another Glenn sister, Josie, who disappeared after attending a funeral there many years ago. When Anna learns Josie wore a family heirloom Aunt Pru wishes to have back, Anna attempts to search for clues at Baycourt.

Just as she finds a clue that suggests Josie’s locket might have gone missing at the hall, another reception begins. Hopefully, nothing further puts anyone in peril, or there’s no chance of saving Baycourt Hall—and Anna won’t be able to solve the mystery buried in her family history.


Death at the Dance

When Tucker Mouline is killed the night of Orson’s Homecoming dance, Baycourt Hall is once again considered the destination for danger. And another murder is the very last thing Anna Glenn needs as she continues to help Sean and Ruby run the once-beloved party venue.

Self-centered, rude, and unfaithful, Tucker earned plenty of enemies within Orson. Several of them had joined him in the preparation of the Homecoming court’s procession to the dance, the last time he was seen alive, but someone didn’t want him to be part of the celebration. Who shot him, and why? A scorned lover or a peeved parent tired of his son’s bullying ways? A disgruntled former teammate, or an official who’s tired of his highhandedness?

Until they find Tucker’s murderer, Anna stands with Ruby and Sean, hoping this dose of bad press won’t cling to the hall for long. When Tucker’s death is mentioned in the news, though, they also learn that Baycourt’s former manager, Brandon, is wanted for questioning elsewhere. Elusive and seemingly untraceable, Brandon is Anna and her aunt Pru’s last chance at answers about Josie Glenn’s disappearance years ago.

Torn between identifying Tucker’s murderer and wanting to find clues about Josie, Anna digs deeper into the motives of those in the Homecoming court. Because someone has to know more than they’re sharing, and perhaps it’s the key to all the questions she has about deaths—past and present.


Bump at the Ball

With new clues about her aunt Josie’s disappearance from Baycourt Hall, Anna Glenn is all ears when Officer Romona wants to speak to her at Orson’s Fall Ball. Except, attempted murder strikes again, hindering Anna from learning any news about the cold case. Or…has it? Vera Kessel is the town’s drama queen, but is her fall simply due to a medical condition or a lethal bump to the head?

Vera’s life hangs by a thread, and it seems more than one person is threatened by what secret she can spill. From jealous former friends, outrageous bribes, and grudges with jilted lovers, there are plenty of enemies who might want to silence her for good. Sure, it’s fodder for drama and gossip, but that’s not the only headache Anna faces. While she helps the Banners clear the Baycourt Hall’s bad rep—again—trouble crops up at home, too, when Aunt Pru sees someone trespassing.

Keeping secrets is a dangerous, complicated business, something Anna comes to appreciate as a warning in finding Vera’s attacker and in unearthing her long-lost relative’s fate…


Missteps of Murder Box Set

Ebook or hardback, you can get all three books in one go.


A Spot of Earl Slay
Tea Time Troubles Book 1

An all-new series begins soon!

Mother-and-daughter duo Naomi and Ella will kick off a new series this winter.

Coming December 28th!


Death and Deja Brew
Tea Time Troubles Book 2

​Coming February 27th!


Steeped in Myrder
Tea Time Troubles Book 3

​Coming April 29th!


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